Runners Taking Off

About Track and Field Gh

Track & Field_Gh is formulated for the sole purpose of projecting the journeys of Ghanaian track & field athletes across the globe. With a formidable platform where athletes’ information and progress can be easily outsourced and authenticated, athletes and stakeholders have a trusted go-to outlet for information they may require. 


  1. To serve as a liaison between Ghanaian citizens and track & field athletes abroad 

  2. To bridge the widening gap among the athletes: both local and international

  3. To project and disseminate information about track & field athletes’ progressions in and outside of Ghana 

  4. To lay a solid foundation for potential stakeholders to mine information about Ghanaian track & field athletes, whom they may want to partner with

  5. To help build up children and teenagers in Ghana, with the interest in track & field to find practical assistance needed to help them grow and find their footing in the sport.  

1. Professionalism 2. Authenticity 3. Unity 4. Creativity 5. Hard work